So Rage played, the camera phone video I saw on youtube was awesome and Britney Spears lipsyncing for 12 minutes while chewing gum and the people who paid $300 to see it became more culturally significant this week. Well, until about 4 days after Coachella when someone at a news network saw a clip of Rage on youtube and heard Zack voicing his opinion about our current presidential administration. It comes as a surprise to no one that he disagrees with it, but he makes the statement that not only the current presidential administraion but America's politicians are basically committing war crimes that according to the Geneva Convention would have those convicted of the things they're doing tried and executed for their crimes, and that the current administration should be no acception. While I feel his statement is somewhat extreme, the man has such power in his words and such conviction in his beliefs I can't help but get goosebumps as he says them. So several days after the fact, it becomes a news story and they boil down his statement down to one assumption; Zack De La Rocha wants to kill President Bush.
How ignorant can people be when a man, who's platform may be rock music calls for people to stand up for their rights and calling for social justice is accused of plotting murder? He didn't say, "I hate George W. Bush, (I removed the following to avoid misunderstanding) ," he said "The Current Administration" deserves the consequences of its actions. People be ignant. But they also pay a months rent to see 12 minutes of Britney Spears.

Here's a clip of Rage. The Raging begins around 4:30

Here's a bunch of ignant morons fighting about it, not a one with a valid point.


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