The 2000's are over, and now were in a new decade of a yet to be determined title (the tens? the teens? what works best with "I Love The...." in front of it?). Anyway, with an entire decade behind us, it really is time to reflect upon a truly encapsulated era. The 80's were about excess, the 90's about change and so I guess the 2000's were about instant gratification? It was January 2000 when I downloaded Napster off my school's eithernet and then had any song I could ever think of downloaded in just a few short hours. I guess it really did become the age of technology, and maybe the general population became spoiled for it? I keep hearing people respond to the question of what they thought the 2000's stood for as "I don't really know, but that decade really sucked." To that I say phooie! Granted we had 9/11, the Bush presidencity/ Iraq war, the economy in the can and The Black Eyed Peas, but this was the era we pretty much got whatever we wanted when ever we wanted it entertainment wise, via cell phones and the internet, which probably lead everyone to spend money they didn't have and then crashed the economy. But I'll quit trying to theorize and get to what my original point is.
The Ten Greatest Albums of the 2000's (as chosen by me)

Shorter, Faster, Louder-Kid Dynamite (2000)

American V: The Man Comes Around- Johnny Cash(2002)

Is This It- The Strokes (2001)

The Bronx- The Bronx (2003)

Transatlanticism- Death Cab For Cutie (2003)

The Chemistry of Common Life- Fucked Up (2008)

Searching For A Former Clarity- Against Me! (2005)

Relatationship of Command- At The Drive-In (2000)

I Get Wet- Andrew W.K. (2001)

The Grey Album- Danger Mouse (2004)


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